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18th-Jul-2007 09:23 am - Our Prayer
Everytime I listen to "Our Prayer", it blows my mind.

Does anybody know how many separate vocal parts there are in it?
16th-Jul-2007 10:32 am - Do You Like Worms?
Hi there,
I just joined this community.  I really love Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, but I don't have anything other than the officially released albums.  I don't even know where to get other stuff.....

Anyway, I have a question.  Does anybody know why they changed the name of Do You Like Worms? for the BW 2004 SMiLE?  I'm just curious.  "Do You Like Worms?" is a great title, I think.  Probably my favourite Beach Boys title.  What is yours?

- Ashley
30th-Mar-2007 05:39 pm - Welcome to stackotracks!

Welcome to stackotracks! The newest most awesomenest Beach Boys community in Livejournal! Please enjoy your stay.
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